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Development of Outdoor Research Platforms and Tests on Photovoltaic Modules in the Green Energy Park in Morocco

S. Malik, M. Ebert, Z. Naimi, B. Ikken


The Moroccan Solar Program aims to install 2000 MW of solar power production by 2020. In this context the paper intends to introduce the concept of the PV outdoor test platform that will be set up in the “Green Energy Park” as part of cooperation between the Moroccan IRESEN Rabat and the German Fraunhofer CSP Halle (Saale). The “Green Energy Park” has been established by IRESEN and OCP S.A in Ben Guerir. These outdoor test platforms are designed, combining a multitude of test-set-ups, in order to investigate and characterize PV modules in harsh weather conditions and to get valuable data about their performances in situ. The aims of the different test-set-ups as well as the recorded parameters are defined. Furthermore the systematic tests that are focusing on the outdoor behavior of PV modules are described. Some aspects of module improvements in design, in materials for hot regions like Morocco are introduced. The results that will be obtained in this platform after its realization will help to implement a new adapted certification process for the outdoor measurement and characterization.


design outdoor research platform; outdoor module characterization; desert module

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