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Securitization of PV-Power Plant Performance - Experience of 1,5 GWp Field Inspections, Failure Analysis, Minimization of Risks

W. Vaassen, U. Hupach, H. Becker, L. van Rensburg


The economic success in operating photovoltaic systems depends essentially on the possibility of their long-term operation and delivery of the expected energy yield. Twenty to twenty-five years are often presupposed. These are high demands. A precondition is the good quality and long-term stability of the employed products, in particular the PV modules, as well as all other components and materials, and the non-appearance of damages to these items during transport and handling. In addition, the PV systems must be professionally planned, properly implemented and professionally operated with appropriate maintenance measures. Not only the quality of the PV modules is important, but also the quality of planning and installation of the overall system that pose high risks for long-term protection of profitability. The influential factors for the financial risk are not limited to the technical and safety-relevant risks. The risk assessment of photovoltaic projects must include an evaluation of the location regarding on-site risks and evaluation of the logistical risks in connection with the installation of the system.


degradation; electroluminescence; large grid-connected PV systems; performance; qualification and testing; system performance

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