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AfricaPVSEC 2014 Public-Communitary Partnership in Bambadinca Hybrid PV-Diesel-Batteries Power Plant Abstract   POSTER PDF
S.M. Dourado, J. Arsénio, D. Afonso, A. Barros
AfricaPVSEC 2014 PV Crystalline Cell Production Including High Efficiency PERC Abstract   SLIDE PDF
D. Beisenherz
AfricaPVSEC 2014 PV in South Africa - the REIPPP program as enabler for the local PV industry Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
R.F.M. Lange
AfricaPVSEC 2014 PV Leasing - Creating Markets for Residential and Industrial Scale PV Abstract   POSTER PDF
M. Baltes
AfricaPVSEC 2014 RE2nAF: Exploring Scenarios for off Grid Electricity Production Options in Africa Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
I. Pinedo-Pascua, S. Szabó, T. Huld
AfricaPVSEC 2014 Review of Solar PV Market Development in East Africa Abstract   POSTER PDF
U.E. Hansen, M. Brix Pedersen, I. Nygaard
AfricaPVSEC 2014 Securitization of PV-Power Plant Performance - Experience of 1,5 GWp Field Inspections, Failure Analysis, Minimization of Risks Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
W. Vaassen, U. Hupach, H. Becker, L. van Rensburg
AfricaPVSEC 2014 Silicon Solar Cell Emitter Profile Tailoring Using the DOSS Diffusion Technique Abstract   PAPER PDF   POSTER PDF
R. Chaoui, B. Mahmoudi, A. Messaoud, Y. Si Ahmed, A. Mefoued, Br. Mahmoudi
AfricaPVSEC 2014 Strategic PV Project Development with Strengthened Renewable Energy Governance as a Solution to Sustainable Electrification in Eastern Africa, with Country Focuses of Tanzania and Uganda Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
E. Ergeneman, D. Gudopp
AfricaPVSEC 2014 System Technology for the Next Generation Village Energy Supply Abstract   PAPER PDF   POSTER PDF
M. Eberlin, S. Franz, F. Reiners, O. Stalter
AfricaPVSEC 2014 Testing PV Central Inverters' Compliance with International Grid Codes Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
R. Grab, S. Rogalla, R. Singer, G. Doetter
AfricaPVSEC 2014 The Energy Centre Model - An Approach to Village Scale Energy Supply Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
C. Muchunku, K. Ulsrud
AfricaPVSEC 2014 The Influence of Fuel Subsidies and Taxes on the Potential for Decentralised PV Power on the African Continent Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
P. Bertheau, C. Cader, P. Blechinger, H. Huyskens, R. Seguin
AfricaPVSEC 2014 The Near Future (2030) Photovoltaic Energy Availability in Africa: Outcomes from a Climate-Aerosols Modelling Exercise Abstract   POSTER PDF
M. Gaetani, T. Huld, E. Vignati, F. Monforti-Ferrario, A. Dosio
AfricaPVSEC 2014 The Role of Municipalities in the Development of a Private PV Market Abstract   SLIDE PDF
S. Godehart
AfricaPVSEC 2014 Understanding the Sintering of Digital Inkjet Printed (DIP) Contacts to Achieve Low-contact Resistance on Silicon Solar Cells Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
A. Ebong, V. Unsur, N. Chen, A. Chowdhury
AfricaPVSEC 2014 Welcome to Komax Solar - Production Equipment for PV Modules Abstract   SLIDE PDF
P. Rocha
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