AfricaPVSEC 2014

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1. PV Technologies, Cells, Modules, Systems

1BK.1.3 PV Crystalline Cell Production Including High Efficiency PERC SLIDE PDF
D. Beisenherz

1BK.1.4 Understanding the Sintering of Digital Inkjet Printed (DIP) Contacts to Achieve Low-contact Resistance on Silicon Solar Cells PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
A. Ebong, V. Unsur, N. Chen, A. Chowdhury pp. 1-5

1BO.2.1 PECVD Al2O3 for Surface Passivation: a Review of Solar Cell and Thin Layer Characteristics PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
S. Kühnhold, P. Saint-Cast, M. Hofmann, R. Paramanathan, M. El-Safoury, B. Kafle, D. Kania, L. Weiss, Y. Heo, E. Billot, P. Olwal, J. Rentsch, R. Preu pp. 6-10

1BO.2.3 A Promising Approach for Next Generation Cu(In,Ga)Se2 and Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Film Chalcogenide Photovoltaics SLIDE PDF
A. Ennaoui

1BO.2.4 Crystallization Behavior of CZTSSe by Selenization of Sputtered CZTS Precursors PAPER PDF
S. Temgoua pp. 11-13

1BO.2.5 CIGS: State of the Art Thin-Film PV SLIDE PDF
C. Kuhn

1BV.1.1 Silicon Solar Cell Emitter Profile Tailoring Using the DOSS Diffusion Technique PAPER PDF POSTER PDF
R. Chaoui, B. Mahmoudi, A. Messaoud, Y. Si Ahmed, A. Mefoued, Br. Mahmoudi pp. 14-18

1BV.1.9 Fabrication and Characterization of Inversion Layer Solar Cell using PEDOT:PSS on n-Si POSTER PDF
M.M. Diale, A.S. Erickson, D. Cahen

1BV.1.20 Development of Outdoor Research Platforms and Tests on Photovoltaic Modules in the Green Energy Park in Morocco PAPER PDF POSTER PDF
S. Malik, M. Ebert, Z. Naimi, B. Ikken pp. 19-23

1BV.1.23 System Technology for the Next Generation Village Energy Supply PAPER PDF POSTER PDF
M. Eberlin, S. Franz, F. Reiners, O. Stalter pp. 24-27

2. Implementation (Technical) and Standardisation

2BK.2.1 Perspectives on Solar PV project commissioning procedures: International comparisons, improvements and lessons learnt from solar PV plants in South Africa and the United Kingdom PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
N. Quarta, L. Santoni, T. Lukins, D. Dufton, J.G. Wright, S. van der Merwe pp. 28-36

2BK.2.2 Securitization of PV-Power Plant Performance - Experience of 1,5 GWp Field Inspections, Failure Analysis, Minimization of Risks PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
W. Vaassen, U. Hupach, H. Becker, L. van Rensburg pp. 37-46

2BO.1.1 Testing PV Central Inverters' Compliance with International Grid Codes PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
R. Grab, S. Rogalla, R. Singer, G. Doetter pp. 47-51

2BO.1.2 Meeting Utility Step Voltage Change Requirements by Providing Precise Voltage Control for a PV Plant on a Distribution Feeder PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
J.A. Diaz de Leon II, J. Managoli, B.L. Agrawal pp. 52-57

2BO.1.3 Installing Solar Systems on the Face of Existing African Dams for Additional Energy Production PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
I. Kougias, K. Bódis, A. Jäger-Waldau, S. Szabó pp. 58-65

2BO.1.4 312 kW Solar PV-Diesel Minigrid in Bambadinca, Guinea-Bissau PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
J. Arsénio, D. Afonso, S. Dourado, J. Maia Alves, M. Centeno Brito pp. 66-73

2BO.1.5 Off-grid Rooftop Solar System with Solar-first and Virtual Grid Features PAPER PDF
V. Dutta, A. Mudgal, D. Pandya pp. 74-79

2BV.2.5 Energy Efficiency and Renewables - New Solutions for Rural Areas in Developing Countries PAPER PDF POSTER PDF
A. Vacca pp. 80-86

2BV.2.8 Grid Integration of Solar Energy POSTER PDF
K. Loudiyi, F.Z. Harmouch, K. Benabdelaziz, H. Darhmaoui, M. Maaroufi

2BV.2.12 Mobile Solar Power Delivery System for Rural Applications PAPER PDF POSTER PDF
S. Lakeou, T. Tadiwose Zewdie pp. 87-90

2BV.2.13 Compound Parabolic Concentrator Design for Equatorial Africa PAPER PDF POSTER PDF
G.Z. Naman, N. SellamiS, N. Sarmah, A. Ivaturi, S. Senthilarasu, P.R. Bobbili, H.M. Upadhyaya, T.K. Mallick pp. 91-97

2BV.2.16 Potential Induced Degradation (PID) - Applied Field Analysis, Regeneration and Prevention in the Field, Standard Test POSTER PDF
W. Vaassen, G. Mathiak, R. Düpont, H. Becker, W. Herrmann, L. van Rensburg

3. Enabling Environment (Economical)

3CK.1.1 The Influence of Fuel Subsidies and Taxes on the Potential for Decentralised PV Power on the African Continent PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
P. Bertheau, C. Cader, P. Blechinger, H. Huyskens, R. Seguin pp. 98-105

3CK.1.2 Diffusion of Solar Energy Technologies in Rural Africa: Trends in Kenya and the LUAV Experience in Uganda PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
I.P. Da Silva, G. Batte, J. Ondraczek, G. Ronoh, C.A. Ouma pp. 106-115

3CK.1.3 RE2nAF: Exploring Scenarios for off Grid Electricity Production Options in Africa PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
I. Pinedo-Pascua, S. Szabó, T. Huld pp. 116-120

3AO.1.1 Lessons learnt from the AFRETEP for the African PV sector development PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
S. Szabó, K. Bódis, T. Huld, A. Jäger-Waldau pp. 121-126

3AO.1.2 Environmental Benefits of Solar Photovoltaics in South Africa PAPER PDF
P. Sinha, M. de Wild-Scholten, L. Luckhurst pp. 127-131

3AO.1.3 The Energy Centre Model - An Approach to Village Scale Energy Supply PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
C. Muchunku, K. Ulsrud pp. 132-135

3AO.2.1 Strategic PV Project Development with Strengthened Renewable Energy Governance as a Solution to Sustainable Electrification in Eastern Africa, with Country Focuses of Tanzania and Uganda PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
E. Ergeneman, D. Gudopp pp. 136-140

3AO.2.3 Measures for the Diffusion of Solar PV are Aligned in Technology Action Plans for Six Countries in Africa PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
I. Nygaard, U.E. Hansen, M. Brix Pedersen, G.A. Mackenzie pp. 141-150

3AO.2.4 Mapping the Cost of Electricity from Grid-connected and Off-grid PV Systems in Africa PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
T. Huld, A. Jäger-Waldau, S. Szabó pp. 151-155

3BV.3.2 Review of Solar PV Market Development in East Africa POSTER PDF
U.E. Hansen, M. Brix Pedersen, I. Nygaard

3BV.3.6 PV Leasing - Creating Markets for Residential and Industrial Scale PV POSTER PDF
M. Baltes

3BV.3.7 Public-Communitary Partnership in Bambadinca Hybrid PV-Diesel-Batteries Power Plant POSTER PDF
S.M. Dourado, J. Arsénio, D. Afonso, A. Barros

3BV.3.13 The Near Future (2030) Photovoltaic Energy Availability in Africa: Outcomes from a Climate-Aerosols Modelling Exercise POSTER PDF
M. Gaetani, T. Huld, E. Vignati, F. Monforti-Ferrario, A. Dosio

I. Detailed Insights into the Local Private South African PV Market

IAO.3.1 PV in South Africa - the REIPPP program as enabler for the local PV industry PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
R.F.M. Lange pp. 156-160

IAO.3.2 The Role of Municipalities in the Development of a Private PV Market SLIDE PDF
S. Godehart

IAO.3.4 How to come to a Thriving PV-Sector in South Africa vs Actual Know-How SLIDE PDF
M. Schubert

IAO.3.5 A Practical Look at the Benefits and Challenges of Grid-tied Solar PV for the Commercial/Industrial Sector SLIDE PDF
A. Scholle, A. Visagie

C. Company presentations

CBO.3.2 Welcome to Komax Solar - Production Equipment for PV Modules SLIDE PDF
P. Rocha

CBO.3.3 Application of Solar PV Systems in Developing Countries SLIDE PDF
F. Liu

CBO.3.5 KazPV Project: Creation of Production of Photovoltaic Modules in the Republic of Kazakhstan SLIDE PDF
A. Betekbaev

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Additional Content

Technical Opening

Accelerating the Growth of Renewable Energy Around the World SLIDE PDF
M. Koyama
International Renewable Energy Agency, Senior Programme Officer - Innovation and Technology, ARAB EMIRATES

Capacity building for Africa's Renewable Energy Deployment: contribution of the European Commission SLIDE PDF
I. Pinedo-Pascua
European Commission, DG JRC, Renewable Energy Unit, ITALY

Renewables and PV Research and Implementation in South Africa SLIDE PDF
T. Bischof-Niemz
f.w. Eskom, Energy Consultant, SOUTH AFRICA

Political Opening

The Industrial Development Corporations (IDC)'s response to the Green Economy SLIDE PDF
R. Ismail
IDC, Green Strategic Business Unit, SOUTH AFRICA

GCL Investments in South Africa SLIDE PDF
R. Blair
GCL Solar Energy, Vice President Business Development, USA

Singulus Technologies SLIDE PDF
S. Rinck
Singulus Technologies AG, GERMANY

I. Siziba
Development Bank of Southern Africa, SOUTH AFRICA

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